Robert M. Viana


Home - Front index page or homepage.



Etchings - Prints made from zinc or copper plates.

"Toad State 2"
"Praying Mantis"
"Mt Washinton Steamer"
"Our Savior"
"Old Man of the Moutntain"
"Chaining the Angel"
"Coffee Stains"
"Roads of Chaos"
"Tendrils I"
"Five Birds in Flight"
"Flakes in Fastforward"
"Juxtaposed Contemplation"
"Swimming Floor"
"Infinite Soul"

LinoCuts - Prints made with linoleum blocks

"After the Bath"
"Vintage Television"
"Zebra II"
"Night on the Farm"
"Elephant II"
"Rudy First State"



Lithographs - The last surviving stone litho's I made in college.

"Asteroids in a Blizzard"
"Ice or Leaves?"


Block Prints - Prints made from polystyrene blocks.

"Tulips I"
"Tulips II"
"Two Friends"
"Snapdragons I"
"Flower I"


Acrylic Gallery - Acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

"Bridge I series I"
"Such Heavy Limbs"
"Bamboo at the Zoo"
"Squam Lake Morning"
"Animal Muppet wearing
Harley-Davidson T-shirt"

Oil Gallery - Oil paintings on stretched canvas.

"Miss Kelly"
"Book Cover"
"Africa Animal Painting"
"Hours of Thought"





Woodcuts - Woodblock prints

"Winter 2005"

"Year of the Dog"

"Fish II"

Restorations - See some of the pieces of art and frames I have brought back from near death.

My Love - About finally having a dream come true.

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Mon-Fri (e.s.t.)