Kelly E. Dodge

    This is my baby! I am living a real life fantasy.
    When I was in high school I had the biggest crush on her. I was a stereotypical long haired rock and roll angry guy. I thought I would never in my wildest dreams be anything that she would be interested in. After we graduated we both went our seperate ways. I joined the military and pretty much lost touch with everyone and everything from my past. (yes, reality too.) I got out and went to college (for studio art) near our old home town and ran into her one day. I couldn't believe it. And as soon as I saw her it was like there wasn't a day that had passed since the last time I had seen her in high school, let alone 10 years. She was as beautiful as ever, and that hot flash ran up and down my spine exactly as it did every time I saw her back then. Fate was not yet to be determined. The two of us still had other things in life to iron out. It was another few years before I saw her one day at a frequented place and had the guts to finally ask her out. "So, when you taking me out?" was what I had said. And that was when destiny and her sister fate worked together for us. We have been together nearly every single day since then. I am proud to call her my love, my inspiration, my backbone, and most of all, my best friend.

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